Dinghy for sale

So you’re wondering where to find a dinghy for sale – something small, maybe a rowboat or something powered with an outboard motor. You’ll be pleased to hear Melbourne Marine Centre doesn’t just stock premium high-powered boats for the enthusiasts! We’ve got a range of excellent dinghies as well.

For what the dinghy lacks in size it makes up for convenience. Easy to transport and light to move, dinghies succeed big boats in a number of areas. For instance, dinghies are the primary commuters when waters are too shallow for a ‘mother ship’ – this makes it easy to reach a port, visit an island or check out a fishing spot otherwise inaccessible on a larger boat.

One of the greatest parts about dinghies is their variety. Some have rigid hulls made of fiberglass, aluminum or plastic. Others are conveniently inflatable. Three factors that always come into the morrock australia purchase of a dinghy – storage, deployment and towability. Some dinghies accommodate a sailing rig, but most are powered by oars or a little outboard motor.

Maybe one of the reasons you’re looking for a dinghy for sale is you’ve got a small budget in mind. Dinghies go to show that you don’t need to spend much to get out on the waters and have an unforgettable adventure. Check out our online catalogue for more details.

Need a dinghy for sale? Check out Melbourne Marine Centre

Even though dinghies are small, making the investment can still be a daunting experience. Whether you’re buying first or second hand, we make sure you’re getting only the best quality and safest possible boat to guarantee you’re getting the very best from Melbourne Marine Centre. This means we run comprehensive safety checks, examining each and every area of our dinghies and thorough cleaning and service to ensure your new boat is in excellent condition.

So if you need a dinghy for sale, come on down to Melbourne Marine Centre and check out our range first hand – if you’d rather chat on the phone to one of our dedicated boating enthusiast staff members, call today on (03) 9703 2003!