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PE8 Fish Floss 150m Spool

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PE8 Fish Floss 150mt

CFS Fish Floss Braid is made from 100% pure PE Fibre material from the U.S.A. to produce one of the World’s finest and thinnest lines.

It is a high performance 8 Carrier Braid that features a rounded body construction that helps reduce wind knots, backlashes and rod tip wrapping.

CFS Fish Floss Braid also features an advanced Teflon® coating that produces a super slick finish that reduces rod guide friction, increases casting distance out of sight, offers amazing abrasion resistance, helps to resist saltwater penetrating the fibres and helps hold colour retention. It also features an extremely low stretch core for superior hooking power, sensitivity and control.

Available in HI VIS YELLOW

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 10lb                                PE0.6                        0.12mm

 15lb                                PE0.8                        0.14mm

   20lb                                PE1.0                        0.165mm

   30lb                                PE2.0                        0.234mm

 50lb                                PE4.0                        0.32mm

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