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As its name suggests, the super compact reel, which has the magic of attracting everything, has finally unveiled.
The Gauss has been developed as a new generation spinning machine that exerts strength that cannot be imagined from its compact appearance and high power that overturns the standards so far in a small body. The “Magnetic Fluid Shield System”, which has been highly evaluated by the LIN258HM, is installed in its compact body. Not only is the important gear unit kept clean, but since the body and rotor are virtually non-contact, silky rotation performance lasts for a long time. The “X-GRAPHITE COMPSITE ROTER,” which is also known as the lightness of the wings, dramatically improves the spinning response of the spinning reel and at the same time contributes to sensitivity detection. In addition, in order to suppress the deformation of the rotor in high power games, it was developed to distribute the load of the big fish fight over the entire rotor. The “high-density carbon composite body” not only realized a terrifying lightness, but finally its rigidity sublimated to a level exceeding that of magnesium. Even in a dogfight with a monster fish, since there is no body deflection, the silky rotation performance in which the gears are accurately meshed with each other and the torqueful winding performance created by them are reliably maintained. GAUS, an overspec reel that overturns the standard of spinning reels, opens the door to a new era of spinning.

Weight 210g
Line capa 3lb./140m ,4lb./100m
Bearings 6BB, 1RB
Gear Ratio 4.8:1
Line /Handle Turn 63 cm
Drag Max 2.0 kg

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