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Makaira Spin Reels

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Makaira Spinning Reel

Okuma MAKAIRA spinning reels constructed from the finest and strongest materials available are the toughest and most durable spinning reels, especially for big games from Giant Trevally, trophy-sized Yellowtail and Amberjack, to the most formidable adversaries in the ocean, like giant Bluefin Tuna, Marlin, cow Yellowfin Tuna and large sharks.

– Forged aluminum, machine cut body / sideplate.
– Forged aluminum, machine cut Cyclonc Flow rotor.
– Forged stainless steel main gear for ultimate power and strength.
– Precision machine cut 17-4 grade stainless steel pinion gear.
– Oversized 17-4 grade stainless steel spool shaft reduces flex.
– Hydro Sealed Body and DFD system for maximum protection.
– Carbonite high output drag with Cal’s drag grease on full DFD.
– Customized pre-set drag system, works like a lever drag reel.
– Dual anti-reverse system for maximum strength and reliability.
– Quick-Set stainless steel German anti-reverse roller bearing.
– Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool with LCS lip.
– Machined aluminum screw-in handle arm for added strength.
– Right and Left handles are designed differently: Order by Rt/Lt.

MAXGEAR - Powered by Forged Stainless
MAXGEAR – Powered by Forged Stainless

The Makaira spinning reels are in a class of their own featuring a forged stainless steel, 17-4 grade machine cut gear. This reel was designed for ultimate strength and light weight.

DFD: Dual Force Drag System
DFD: Dual Force Drag System

The Makaira drag system utilizes the complete surface area of the carbon fiber drag washers; the system has been engineered to make full contact with the outer edges of our carbon washers, which maximizes efficiency and the ability to deliver high drag outputs.

High-Output Drag
High-Output Drag

The Makaira spinning reel features a unique high output drag that can achieve extreme max pressures over 30kg. This unique drag system works very much like a conventional lever drag reel allowing anglers to pre-set their drag based on their target species or required drag output.

Hydro Sealed Body
Hydro Sealed Body

Makaira spinning reels are engineered to withstand the most brutal conditions the ocean can offer all the internal mechanisms are sealed and protected from salt. The result is the best-of-the-best when it comes to big game fishing reels.

Forged Aluminum Housing
Forged Aluminum Housing

The Makaira is unmatched in elite level spinning reels with a forged, machine cut aluminum body, sideplate and rotor. There are no die-cast parts on this reel. The Makaira is the elite reel in the category, with a complete forged aluminum housing.

Dual Anti-Reverse
Dual Anti-Reverse

All Makaira spinning reels are equipped with a dual anti-revere system, in order to match the same strength and integrity as the rest of the reel. The Quick-Set anti-reverse features a top of the line German stainless steel one-way roller bearing for maximum strength and pulling power.

Handle Strength
Handle Strength

Separate handles for both left and right hand retrieve to ensure that regardless of handle retrieve direction, there is no sacrifice in strength.


Makaira Spinning Reel

Model Gear ratio Bearings Weight
Line retrieve(cm) Max Drag Force(kg) Mono line capacity(mm) Braided line rating (Tuf line)
Left handed High-speed spinning reels
MK-10000L 4.9:1 9HPB + 1RB 810 101.6 25 0.32/400, 0.37/300, 0.42/250 415/50, 290/65
MK-20000LS 5.8:1 9HPB + 1RB 997 131.1 30 0.45/450, 0.50/370, 0.55/300 490/65, 400/80
MK-30000LS 5.8:1 9HPB + 1RB 1107 166.9 30 0.55/530, 0.60/450, 0.65/380 700/80, 570/100
Right handed High-speed spinning reels
MK-10000R 4.9:1 9HPB + 1RB 810 101.6 25 0.32/420, 0.37/300, 0.42/250 415/50, 290/65
MK-20000RS 5.8:1 9HPB + 1RB 997 131.1 30 0.45/450, 0.50/370, 0.55/300 490/65, 400/80
MK-30000RS 5.8:1 9HPB + 1RB 1107 166.9 30 0.55/530, 0.60/450, 0.65/380 700/80, 570/100


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