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The concept of top water fishing has forever changed, thanks to the introduction of the DEPS ‘Buzzjet Jr’!! The little brother of its Buzzjet counterpart, this highly effective surface lure is deadly, attracting Bass and other freshwater predators with its irregular yet highly noticeable swimming action, and water displacement system. The Buzzjet draws a massive amount of attention, not only with its internal ball bearing rattling system, but also with its tail prop, causing the lure to omit a wake which draws the freshwater predators in every time. In addition to the outstanding castability that outperforms all other surface lures on the market, and the power to reliably drive big Bass out of control, really sets the Buzzjet Jr in a class all on its own. Find out why Bass fisherman world wide can’t get enough of these truly magnificent lures!!

LENGTH – 72mm
WEIGHT – 14g
ACTION – Surface

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