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The i-SLIDE, which has revolutionized the world of joint big baits and is extremely popular all over the world, has a special floating type setting.
Dare to uninstall the mug hold system. Pursuing a linear slide and dog walk turn to the left and right that directly responds to rod work. We will make a game that invites serious eating with sharp agility and evokes feeding.
Also, equipped with a mega bass teaser hook as standard, it is also effective in drifting and dead sticking methods. Directing a bait fish floating on the surface defenselessly, stimulating the predatory instinct of the fish eater and bringing it to the bite.
Adjustable tuning is possible by adjusting the hook and ring size and attaching tuning weights to the body according to your preference, such as suspending and sinking, according to environmental changes such as water temperature and water quality and fish condition

Main Specification

Length 135 mm
Weight 1 oz.
Type Floating
Other Hook: #2 x 2pcs (Teaser Hook)

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