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Siglett is a winged bug-bait modeled after a Japanese cicada. Its tungsten alloy balancer inside its chamber is sound-tuned to mimic the Higurashi cicada of Japan. Also, it looks just like one, complete with a pair of translucent wings made of semi -hard plastic which not only slide up & down, but also act as large lips for jittering bug action. Since line eye is located at its tail, Siglett casts with the least air resistance, insuring surprisingly good casting distance and accuracy as a winged bug bait. When retrieved, Siglett’s wings naturally’open up’ and each’wing lip’ starts to crawl tungsten as it jitters along. Fast to slow-steady retrieve in open areas and stop & go twitching action under overhangs are the most effective application. Enjoy a relaxing top-water fishing day with Siglett.


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