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Strike Pro Guppie

$22.95 inc GST

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The TrueGlide Guppie has been the gold standard for handmade wood glide baits. Accounting for numerous Tournament wins and huge fish as well as filling up collectors cabinets. One of the things you notice first about the Guppie is the artwork.

Up until now, these colours have only been available on hand painted wood lures produced by Joe Peterson. Strike Pro/CWC in partnership with Peterson are bringing these unique colours to the market for the first time.The paint schemes incorporate using paint or glitter on the INSIDE SHELL of the bait, in addition to painting the outside shell. This mimics the technique Peterson used on his wood baits, layering paint between topcoats for a 3-D effect. It also prolongs the colour of the bait fish after fish. Strike Pro has even replicated the 3-D eyes that TrueGlide are famous for.

 In addition to the obvious good looks, The Guppies body profile allows the lure to produce an amazing body roll and it slides from side to side in outstanding fashion. The Guppie also features an innovative cork screw at the tail of the bait allowing the angler to fish with either a curltail or paddletail soft plastic tail creating the ULTIMATE SWIM BAIT!

The Guppie is a very effective lure that is deadly on Barramundi, Mulloway, Murray Cod and pelagic species.

  120grams              Sinking              Dives to approx. 4ft

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