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TT Lures NedlockZ

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Developed for the popular US Midwest Finesse technique known as the Ned Rig, the NedlockZ is a mushroom head that creates a stand up presentation when fished with ZMan’s 10X Tough, buoyant ElaZtech plastics. Upon release in the US we received an influx of requests from Australian anglers chasing everything from bream and bass, to flathead, grunter, yellowbelly and more, who wanted access to the NedlockZ on home soil. And so a jighead designed for a niche US technique has now found its way into the mouths on many Aussie species.

Built on a heavy duty Mustad, black nickel, chemically sharpened hook and available in 4 weights – 1/15oz #2, 1/10oz #1, 1/6oz #1 and 1/5oz #1, and four colours – Black, Green Pumpkin, Chartreuse and new Orange colour. Bring it on!


Weight/Hook QTY 1/15oz 1.6g 2H 1/10oz 2.2g 1H 1/6oz 4.6g 1H 1/5oz 6g 1H
Green Pumpkin 5 0740 0742 0744 0746
Black 5 0741 0743 0745 0747
Chartreuse 5 0748 0749 0750 0751
Orange 5 0752 0753 0754 0755

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