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Flipper Jigs

This exciting slow pitch jig is designed to fall with a wide and sweeping side-to-side movement and retrieve with an erratic darting action.  This gives them a strong visual presence making them attractive to a wide range of species.

  • all colours include lumo stripes or spots
  • wide body Japanese style
  • supplied rigged & ready to use
    – 60g rigged with 2x extra strong 1/0 assist hooks on kevlar thread
    – 80g rigged with 2x extra strong 2/0 assist hooks on kevlar thread
    – 100g rigged with 2x extra strong 3/0 assist hooks on kevlar thread
    – 150g rigged with 2x extra strong 4/0 assist hooks on kevlar thread
    – 200g rigged with 2x extra strong 5/0 assist hooks on kevlar thread
  • suits bottom bouncing or mechanical jigging
  • all 4 colours are available in sizes 60g, 80g, 100g, 150g and 200

These jigs are simple to use – whether you’re drifting or anchored, just cast them up current to give the Flipper Jig time to sink to the bottom before being directly underneath you. Once you feel the bottom, wind in 2-3m and then drop back down again. Repeat this bottom bouncing until the jig has moved down the current past your boat. Then wind in and repeat the process. When fished correctly, these jigs will catch the BIG snapper as well as kingfish and other predatory fish that don’t hesitate to hoover down a wounded baitfish.


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