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Jetsetter Maxi Game Lures

  • The size, weight and unique action coupled with a range of enticing skirt colour combinations makes this lure a must in any lure spread
  • The heavier chrome plated jet heads create an obvious bubble trail and their extra weight allows these lures to be trolled in rougher seas without flipping
  • Jetsetter Maxis will sink faster as the boat slows down after a strike placing them in front of bigger predators that tend to sit under the smaller more agile fish in the school
  • An excellent lure for kingfish, mahi mahi, skippies, albacore and larger tuna species like yellowfin and bluefin
  • Also available ‘standard rigged’ or ‘wire rigged’, both ready to troll – fitted with a 7/0 single hook


  • head length 1 inch (27mm)
  • lure length 7 inches (177mm)
  • skirt: 6 inches

    Standard rigging
    hooks: 1 X 7/0
    leader: 200lb mono

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