Black Magic Dart Spin 5.5″

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Dartspin – 5.5 “

The latest in ‘soft lure’ technology.

A Patrick Sébile design – the Dartspin is a very versatile and advanced soft plastic bait. Its body can be rigged many ways – on a weedless swimbait hook, conventional jig head, drop shot leader, inline treble hook or a super strong and compact hook for big fish.

While the spinning leaf blade adds fl ash and vibration, the Dartspin lures are made from a revolutionary new hyperlastic material, designed to be longer lasting and more bite resistant.

The design causes a horizontal wiggling fall with fast blade rotation. The constant vibration and reflective flash entices very aggressive strikes.

Designed to be used in snag-infested rivers or open water, fresh or salt, shallow or deep. The Dartspin lure comes to life, attracting a wide range of saltwater fi sh and is perfect for Australian native species and barramundi.

The range consists of 7 injected colours, 150mm in length. Sold in packs of two.


‘New Penny’ with a copper blade

‘Glow’ with a chartreuse blade

‘Double Pepper’ with a chartreuse blade

‘Watermelon Red’ with a copper blade

‘Smoke Blue’ – with a silver blade

‘Pearly Silver’ with a silver blade

‘UV Pink’ with a pink blade

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