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Boom Baits 4″ Bomb Shad

$9.95 inc GST

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Boom Bait Bomb Shad design and action has resulted in some awesome fish and various species. The paddle tail shape swims in the water with great vibration, imitating a struggling baitfish perfectly, the colour range is attractive with many colours matching the hatch. The long tail is perfect for applying scent due to its ribbed features as well as inserting more into the underbelly compartment or adding a rattle for greater effect. The three point rigging system allows anglers to rig their plastic with ease.

  • Available in 3″ ,  4″ and 5″
  • Paddletail design
  • Scent Impregnated Body
  • Ribbed detail throughout the body to add extra scent
  • Spare Chamber for additional scent or rattle.

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