• Boom-Bait-Spider-PrawnTransparent
  • Samaki-Boom-Bait-60mm-Spider-Prawn-Bloodworm
  • Boom-Bait-Spider-Prawn-60mm-Avocado-Pearl
  • Samaki-Boom-Bait-60mm-Spider-Prawn-Motor-Oil
  • Boom-Bait-Spider-Prawn-Pearl-Brown
  • Boom-Bait-Spider-Prawn-60mm-Orange-Pumpkinseed
  • Boom-Bait-Spider-Prawn-Watermelon-Orange

Boom Baits 40mm Spider Prawn

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BOOM Baits are made of a 10X super stretch material that is designed not only to last but have enough suppleness to create the perfect action. The Spider Prawn adds to the range with its unique shape of a prawn aided by soft legs that create a slow flutter action on the drop and are enhanced by an even softer tentacle that lashes and curls on the retrieve enticing the most elusive of species.

Spider Prawn has been designed in two sizes 40mm and 60mm with a colour selection of Watermelon Orange, Pumpkin Seed Orange, Avocado Pearl, Motor Oil, Bloodworm and Pearl Brown. As with the entire BOOM Baits range they are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and sport Samaki’s unique rigging system allowing you to rig your plastic with ease.

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