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Strike Pro Finesse Grub 3″

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The Strike Pro Finesse Grubs feature the finest tails produced on a Grub style plastic and produce the most tantalising actions on this style of plastic.

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The Finesse Grubs feature a powerful secret shellfish formula that is ‘SCENT INFUSED’ into the plastic so there is no messy liquid in the bag but a superb scent that attracts fish and triggers them to strike. The Finesse Grubs also feature a smooth body with ribbing added in the body to increase Vibration and will also hold scent if applied, for a longer period of time. The design of the head section has been done so you don’t need to trim the head for the modern style of Jigheads that most anglers use today. They also come inside packed in a tray to eliminate any damage or twisting to the plastic so each plastic is 100% perfect to use straight away.

The Finesse Grub 3″ ultra fine tail will work on the lift and drop using ultra light Jigheads even down to 1/32oz and lighter and are superb for finesse fishing for flighty fish in shallow water and around structure or when smaller baits are being favoured.

The Finesse Grubs 3″ are superb on Bream, Bass, Estuary Perch, Whiting, Trevally, Trout & Redfin.

8 pcs per packet

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