• squid-jig_red-head-superlumo
  • squid-jig_black-superlumo
  • squid-jig_fire-glow-superlumo
  • squid-jig_ghost-glow-superlumo
  • squid-jig_black-green_superlumo
  • squid-jig_lemon-lime_13-superlumo
  • squid-jig_orange-gold_13-natural
  • squid-jig_pilchard_13-natural
  • squid-jig_pink-gold_13-natural
  • squid-jig_white-glow-superlumo


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All colours have been rigorously field tested by Black Magic’s team with great success.

Available sizes

  • 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5

Ideal Conditions

 Squid Snatcher Day  Night Water
 Black  dawn/dusk   full moon   clear water
Brown/Red   dawn/dusk   full moon   clear water
Copper/Cammo   sunny   full moon   clear water
Fire Glow   overcast   new moon   clear water
Ghost Glow   overcast   new moon   murky water
Green/Black   overcast   half moon   murky water
Red/Green   dawn/dusk   full moon   clear water
Lava Glow   overcast   new moon   clear water
Lemon/Lime   overcast   full moon   murky water
Orange Glow   sunny   full moon   murky water
Orange/Gold   dawn/dusk   half moon   clear water
Orange/Red   dawn/dusk   half moon   clear water
Pilchard   sunny   half moon   clear water
Pink Glow   dawn/dusk   full moon   murky water
Pink/Gold   dawn/dusk   half moon   murky water
Red Head   overcast   half moon   murky water
White Glow   overcast   new moon   murky water
Yakka   sunny   half moon   clear water

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