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The Black Magic Squid Snatchers® feature a luminous cap on the hooks, a luminous band around the tail, black hooks, red/black wings and sapphire blue eyes making them more attractive to hungry squid.

The colour and size combinations available ensure you’re able to choose the best jig for all conditions you fish in (i.e. light, water clarity, depth and current).

All colours have been rigorously field tested by Black Magic’s team with great success.

Available sizes

  • 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5

Ideal Conditions

 Squid Snatcher Day  Night Water
 Black  dawn/dusk   full moon   clear water
Brown/Red   dawn/dusk   full moon   clear water
Copper/Cammo   sunny   full moon   clear water
Fire Glow   overcast   new moon   clear water
Ghost Glow   overcast   new moon   murky water
Green/Black   overcast   half moon   murky water
Red/Green   dawn/dusk   full moon   clear water
Lava Glow   overcast   new moon   clear water
Lemon/Lime   overcast   full moon   murky water
Orange Glow   sunny   full moon   murky water
Orange/Gold   dawn/dusk   half moon   clear water
Orange/Red   dawn/dusk   half moon   clear water
Pilchard   sunny   half moon   clear water
Pink Glow   dawn/dusk   full moon   murky water
Pink/Gold   dawn/dusk   half moon   murky water
Red Head   overcast   half moon   murky water
White Glow   overcast   new moon   murky water
Yakka   sunny   half moon   clear water

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