Braided fishing line has become an extremely popular choice for both baitcaster and spinning reels. These so called “Superlines” have many advantages over regular mono and fluoro lines.
Braided line can be used in almost any fishing situation. When fishing in clear water, it makes for an excellent main line to which to can tie a leader of your favorite fluorocrabon line. In stained waters, there is usually no need to tie a leader, and braid can be you all-purpose line. Finally, braid excels at fishing heavy cover thanks to its toughness and no-stretch. Here are some other benefits to braid that you might not know.

  • Small Line Diameter – On packages of braided line you will typically see two numbers, like “20/6”. This means 20 lb test line, with the equivalent diameter of 6 lb test. All that means is braid is much stronger than mono and fluoro lines of equal diameter.
  • Longer Casting Distance – Braid casts a mile for a couple of reasons. First, these superlines are made of advanced engineered fibers, with fancy marketing names like “Spectra”, “Dyneema”, and “Gore” fibers. That means is they have special properties that makes them smooth and easy to handle. Combine those properties with the smaller diameter, and you have a line that you can effortlessly launch your baits with.
  • No Stretch/Sensitive – Unlike monofilament, a braided fishing line has virtually zero stretch. This makes for an extremely sensitive line. It’s easier to feel what your lure is doing, and you will detect more bites. The lack of stretch means you can set the hook much faster and easier than with monofilament. Getting bass out of thick cover is easier with braid.
  • Tough & Durable – Braid excels at fishing tough cover like wood, brush, rocks, mats, and boat docks. Braid is tough so you won’t be retying nearly as often. You could go a whole season on one spool of braid if you wanted to. If you are a cost conscious angler, you can use a mono backer and make your spool of braid go further.