Daiichi Hooks of Japan were the first hook makers in the world to produce a coloured chemically sharpened hook, thanks largely to the input of Juro OzPro Tackle Australia.
The Juro Team observed that local anglers targetting species such as Whiting often used red tubing or beads as an attractant, and approached Daiichi with a request to build that attraction into the hook itself.
Daiichi responded by developing a coloured coating that was not only durable, but also had no adverse effects on the sharpness of the hook point like many of the thicker painted coatings can. This innovative process was something that would change the manufacturing of hooks worldwide forever, as every other company soon realised the effectiveness of coloured chemically sharpened hooks and rushed to bring out copies. In spite of all of this added competition,
Daiichi still manufacture the finest range of ultra-sharp chemically etched hook points in the World,
Daiichi Hooks are still The World’s Finest Quality Hi-Carbon Chemically Sharpened Hooks.

100% Made in Japan from only the finest hand selected carbon steel.

Daiichi hooks are the ‘Premium Quality Japanese Boutique Hook Company’.