Tackle Tactics

Australia’s favourite range of jigheads, blade lures, micro jigs and spinnerbaits. From the skinniest backwater to the deep blue, TT Lures has a lure to get you hooked up!

TT Lures are highly regarded for their quality and innovation. As well as producing Australia’s most comprehensive range of jigheads, with over 350 hook and weight combinations, TT also manufacture Australia’s most popular range of blades, the polycarbonate Ghostblade and metal Switchblade with over 150 weight and colour combination.

There are also over 180 weight, colour and blade combinations across the Vortex, Striker, Tornado and FroggerZ spinnerbait range, plus a range of Maxvibe inline spinners, Arrow and Vector Micro Jigs and assorted other terminal tackle and lure options. Regardless of your location or target species, TT Lures has a complete range of lures to get you hooked up!