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At Melbourne Marine Centre, we’re dedicated to stocking a range of premium new and used boat motors for sale to outfit your vessel so you can get out and enjoy the open ocean. Outboard motors require a lot of considerations taken into account when preparing a purchase. Don’t worry - one of our boat enthusiast staff at Melbourne Marine Centre will show you our range of boat motors for sale and help you pick the perfect one to suit your boat!

Traditional two-stroke motors are able to power most small boats and have done so for years. Two-stroke motors come in various sizes, perfect for small watercraft. Easy to move about, it usually requires two-cycle oil mixed with gasoline. Recently, many changes have been made to outboard motors so they’re eco-friendlier – and quieter too!

Four-strokes, on the other hand, are much better equipped to handle larger boats to provide the necessary power and speed. Unlike the two-stroke, there’s no need to mix fuel and oil which means less noise, less exhaust and therefore less emissions, and a much better return on fuel economy!

Electric motors are required in areas where gas motors aren’t allowed, such as certain selected waterways and small lakes. Electric motors are great for trolling small boats and best of all they have zero emissions.

In search for a boat motor on sale? Melbourne Marine Centre has a massive range!

Your motor will need to match the boat it will be used on. Boat owners must consider the size of their boat, the general purpose it will be used for and the types of water they will be exposed to. Once these questions are answered, the hardest thing to do is narrowing the field of choices since there’s so many makes, models and mounting options to select.

No matter if you’re buying new or used, the expert team at Melbourne Marine Centre will make sure you’re getting the best quality boat motor possible. With Mercury’s extensive range of 2 stroke, 4-stroke and Motorguide electric trolling engines there is sure to be a model too suit your boat package. We go through thorough servicing and checks to make sure everything’s working to get you out on the water as quick as possible.

Come down and visit our store at 92 Hallam South Road, Victoria 3803 or call us on (03) 9703 2003 to discuss our boat motors for sale!