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Thank you for your interest in Pioneer Boats! At Pioneer they are constantly pushing the envelope in design and construction methods to

ensure they deliver the absolute toughest, eye catching products that are sure to satisfy you and your family’s boating needs for many
years to come. With the “Pioneering” spirit in mind, we welcome you to inspect the product in person. It is our hope that you will begin to
realize how superior our boats are constructed, understand the value our product offers over long term ownership. See for yourself why
Pioneer boats are “Preparing Others to Follow!”

• Raw Materials - Pioneer boats are constructed with the highest grade raw materials available to the boating industry today. Developed
in conjunction with Ashland Chemical Company, we believe in our method of construction so strongly that Pioneer backs each hull
with a Limited/Lifetime structural hull warranty.

• Laminate - Other boat builders use inferior, cost effective resin systems to mass produce products. At Pioneer we combine the highest
quality, Bi-axial, quad axial and iso based resin/gel coat systems to insure each Pioneer is built with outstanding strength to weight
ratio. No woven rovens here! Our construction techniques are meant to last a lifetime, save money and allow peace of mind.

• Wood free - Pioneer boats are 100% composite. No organic materials at all. Where plywood is the normal method of construction for
many, our laminates are cored with structural PVC materials to insure Pioneers are light weight, rigid and absolutely will not ROT.

• Flotation - All Pioneers are unsinkable! While utilizing a 2.3 LB density closed cell foam, our flotation foam is 30% more dense than
the industry standard. Pioneers are pressure injected with flotation foam to fill filled up to 90% of the vacant air space between the hull
and deck far exceeding the U.S. Coast Guards flotation requirements.

• Reverse Cap Deck Adhesion - We utilize a reverse cap construction to insure proper hull to deck adhesion. This technique allows each
Pioneer a water tight permanent bond of the deck to the hull while the hull is still in the mold. This ensures all hulls are true to form
and will not separate. Each Pioneer stays in the mold for no less that 24-hours after the hull is constructed. We do not rush perfection!

• Unigrid Hull - Pioneer is the first manufacturer in the industry to utilize high cost, high performance bonding agents throughout the
entire lineup. While other builders utilize simple fiberglass or structural bonding putties to bond stringer grids, our “Unigrid” process
is proven to be the absolute best way to permanently bond a grid system to a hull with zero possibility of hull stringer separation.
Essentially, our bonding agents are scientifically proven to be stronger than the fiberglass itself. Similar techniques are used on larger
ocean going and performance boats.

• Fit and Finish - All Pioneer boats are crafted with upkeep and appearance in mind. We take our time to make sure each boat is
finished inside and out. Try removing a bilge hatch or opening up a lid and inspecting the underside. You will find the same glossy
finish underneath each compartment or hatch cover. Where others paint in black or webbed finishes to hide imperfection. Pioneer
addresses these issues with molded smooth surfaces inside and out. We take the time to do it right!

• Hardware - Our quality shows from the tin over copper wiring, chrome over stainless fasteners, top of the line vinyl upholstery and all
stainless thru hulls. At Pioneer, it’s evident that we strive to make sure every Pioneer is delivered with the best corrosion resistant and
longest lasting materials available.

Pioneer Boats are exceptional products that are built for you, your family and your friends to enjoy! Pioneers are built by people who
enjoy boating and fishing. Pioneer will continue to develop products to promote a great boating experience that continues to provide precious
memories year after year. 

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