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Black Magic Rainbow Braid Elite 8x

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  • SKU/Model Number: 50

Rainbow Elite is braided from 100% Japanese PE fibre, but unlike many other alternatives on the market, it is an 8 carrier braid (8 braided strands). This provides greater strength from a finer diameter and its smooth, round shape allows for long accurate casts

  • 8 strands of 100% Japanese PE Fibre
  • Great for soft plastics, jigging, bottom bouncing or drift fishing in fresh or salt water
  • 5 colours – colour changes every 10m
  • 5 metre and 1 metre indicators – a free depth sounder with every spool
  • Supple, smooth and round allowing for long accurate casts
  • High strength to diameter ratio
  • Minimal stretch
  • Super sensitive
  • Abrasion resistant

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